December 30, 2019

Jim Brennan | 2019-12-24 16:12:57

"I had a problem with my sprinkler system. First Jay came on time when he said he would. That made me smile. Second his men were professional and repaired the leak. That made me smile. Jay's charge for the job was lower then I expected. That made me smile. So unusual to find a service company today that can make you smile even once. I'll be using Jay from now on and if you do I'm sure you will smile also."
December 30, 2019

Whitney Robinson | 2019-12-24 16:13:28

"We had a very positive experience. Jay kept us informed along the way, which we really appreciated. They were very efficient and made sure not to leave any “construction debris” behind. They went above and beyond!"
December 30, 2019

Judy Ulrich | 2019-12-24 16:13:47

"Jay and his crew were awesome! I had some ideas, he had some ideas, we were definitely in sync! Polite, personable, and knows his stuff. I’ll use them again! ❤️"
November 4, 2019

Pente Joules | 2019-10-30 19:56:40

"Jay and his crew refurbished the patio area and did repair work on the irrigation system. They did a fine job, even graciously agreeing to do an unscheduled , surprise side project associated with the original plan. It was a pleasure working with them, and I will certainly engage their services for future landscaping needs."
October 14, 2019

Claire Sluyterman van Loo | 2019-10-09 00:20:01

"Jay and his crew gave expert advice on how to fill in my muddy bowl of a backyard and how to drain water away from my house and property. Thanks so much! I now have a white dog again!"